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Eco-Beauty Find: Sea Kind


I was recently given a sample of a new facial product, Sea Kind’s Fortify Night Cream, which I found so impressive that I wanted to share a bit about it with you. Upon further research, I’m even more enticed by this company—for starters, it has a backstory involving one of my all-time favorite things on this entire Earth, sea otters.

The seed for Sea Kind was planted 30 years ago, when founder Julie Leonhard’s grandfather took her to the newly opened Monterey Bay Aquarium where, like so many of us have, she fell in love with the adorable California sea otter. Currently, all of its products are 15 percent off on its website, with $1 from each purchased product donated to the aquarium’s sea otter program. (Enter the code LOVEOTTERS at checkout.) Aside from this offer, the company always gives 2 percent back in some way, regardless of profit.

Now back to the 100-percent natural night cream: my observation was that it had a perfect texture—thick yet airy—and absorbed quickly and greaseless into the skin. I loved the way my face felt afterward and it seemed to even my skin tone rather quickly.

The trick to their products’ magic, says the company, is its signature all-natural, sustainably harvested Marine Actives™. For the night cream, this includes two potent skin-firming ingredients, exopolysaccharides and glycoproteins, that jumpstart collagen synthesis (by 106 percent, according to the company), which promotes skin cell renewal and manifests as even, smooth skin.

To boot, the products are made in the United States with recycled or recyclable materials. With all of this in mind, I can’t see any reason why I won’t be forking over the $29.95 for the full-size Fortify once my samples are finished. When I’ve had a sizeable run with the product, I’ll fill you in on my long-term results right here.


Detox in the New Year

With the new year comes the idea of getting rid of the old and making room for the new. Whether that be a fresh career start, a relationship that's run its course or your body screaming for a reboot. For me, it's my body. Tired and over-worked, charged up from too much time at the computer, and feeling run down, I decided this new year meant taking better care of myself. And that started with a detox. But a different sort. Not a radical cleanse or juice fast. Something on a deeper, cellular level. And that meant taking nightly baths, unplugging from devices and saying good-bye to toxins. 

I did this for a week straight, using all of the products you see above from a brilliant company called Pursoma. And I feel a whole lot "lighter," both physically, emotionally and mentally. 

These bath soaks require some "take care of yourself" time (before and after the bath) which you can read about here. It's well worth it. 

The philosophy of the line stems from founder Shannon Vaughn's own background as a fashion model and her concerns about the products that were being put on her face. After a health scare with an ovarian cyst, she turned toward a holistic health path and that meant practicing detoxification. This ultimately led to her launching Pursoma, a landmark beauty solution that will recharge your body. 

Check out this remarkable line at


Back to the Basics: Taylor Stitch

I was never a "basics" person. T-shirts and simple items seemed so boring to me. But they don't have to be that way. When I discovered the brand Taylor Stitch, it single-handedly changed my opinon of basics. This independent company in San Francisco makes basic clothing with a twist: indigo T-shirts have a flattering scoop neckline and sweet sleeves, and fit impeccably; while a structured denim top is a flattering version of the everyday item. And then there's this jacket (above and on sale!) which I was fortunate enough to receive as a gift recently. It offers a fresh take on the long-standing denim jacket, adding length and a cool pocket exterior illusion with a tricky pocket inside. Smart design. 

The company's website explains: "We are relentlessly focused on fit as well as construction and will continue to slowly develop new offerings, working piece by piece to modernize classic staples that are both rugged and refined." 

Another cool feature is that every Wednesday Taylor Stitch releases a small collection of products. There's also an original take at creating new work: continued crowd sourcing is offered on limited edition items, where you basically help pay for the product to be manufactured and then it shows up at your door. 

While the company has a bountiful collection of men's items, the women's line is exceptional. Use the detailed sizing guide and you'll end up with a perfectly fitting item. 

Learn more at


Spring Forward


Looking Forward to Spring

There are winter days when temperatures don't quite dip so low and a person can start dreaming that spring is coming early. For those times it's nice to have a coat to keep covered even if it's only for a day. A bold black and white graphic print, in this case a big gingham, is just the thing to take away some of the winter blahs and put a little pep in your step. A versatile choice, paired with a pastel sweaterpretty print pants, orange scarf, and black flats, it will keep things fresh well into spring and could serve as a year-round staple for those of us lucky enough to live in a mild climate.


Beauty Blast: Our Favorite Face Scrub

As a beauty blogger, I try a lot of products. But I only write about the ones I like. I've long been on the hunt for an exfoliator that really does the job it's supposed to do, but doesn't thrash your face in the process. Could something like that exist out there that's fresh, delicate, effective, and leaves your skin baby soft? It sure does and I've found it. Even better, it comes from my hometown of Santa Cruz, Calif. 

Matcha Scrub by Urb Apothecary is an exfoliator that will change the exfoliating industry. Combining matcha powder, sugar, green tea, and coconut oil, it's all-natural and doesn't impart any funky chemicals into your skin. 

I like to rub a fingerfull of it in the palm of my hands then slather on my wet face and rub gently around everywhere for about a minute. Rinse. And the results are astonishing. According to the owner, Leyna, a Santa Cruz local, the product, "repairs and protects skin from UV damage, reduces inflammation and its anti-microbial properties help clear problem skin." 

If you want to see a new face in the mirror, snap up this $8 jar of miracle scrub here.